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Welcome me! Date: Jan 6th @ 10:17am EST
Hello guys!

I am a new babe at the Live Cams Mansion and I am so excited to meet you all.

What I would really like is for you to come and say hi. I am very friendly and I promise you will like it with me.

You can also spy on me on one or more hidden cams in the Live Cams Mansion. Who knows what I'll be doing ;)

Come and check out why I am the Amazing Babe of the Mansion.

Can't wait to meet you all!
Hello guys! Date: Sep 2nd @ 4:30am EDT
I want to welcome each one of you to my room,where we will have a wonderful time together! Kisses !
Happy august everyone! Date: Aug 3rd @ 6:57am EDT
So here it is, the last month of summer! I hope you all had a good time and enjoyed yourself. I for one have worked really hard and I am trying to find new ways to relax :D any suggestions are welcomed especially the naughty ones! Hihihi! Kisses my dear friends, let's make this last month of summer the best and have the time of our lives!
love love love Date: Jul 14th @ 8:37pm EDT
Today I'm all about hugs and cuddles! If you want to feel the power of love you know where to find me! Kisses!
hey! :* Date: Jul 13th @ 8:01pm EDT
Hello my dear friends!
I hope you all have a wonderful evening! This year we are having a very hot summer, I just fantasise about dancing in the rain all day. That would be very pleasant!
Plans for this Summer! Date: Jun 29th @ 8:01am EDT
Hey my loved ones,
I am wondering what are your plans for this summer.
I love the sea and everything involvint the beach and sun! Love those summer nights when I am walking down the beach under the moonlight. Hmmm I think I will go and visit Spain or shoud I? What do you think about that? Wich are your favorite vacation spots ?
Many kisses
Naughty... Date: Jun 18th @ 11:51am EDT
I must confess I haven't been such a good girl lately! There are a lot if dirty thoughts going trough my mind. I dream of you grabbing my boobs and reaching down to my ...hihi I wanna tell you so much more, but better let me show you!Join my room guys :D hehe
Flower Power ! Date: May 31st @ 7:35am EDT
Update! Date: May 27th @ 4:54pm EDT
Hehe guys, I love sharing my thoughts with you! Today I learned that is better to look at the glass half full never on the empty side! It changes nothing if you focus on negativity. Focus on what's right and have a great mood. Kisses
Special treatment Date: May 22nd @ 4:03am EDT
Hey there guys! My day is going amazing so far so I decided to share that with you! So far I woke up and I cleand my apartment. I also have a little dog so we went strolling around. The day is lovely outside here in Italy it's sunny and warm. I am glad that the cold weather is over so I can wear my flowy shoert dresses, hihi ! For you I will post some pictures in them:*
Because I promised to offer special treatment to my members I want to give you the liberty to ask me anything you want! No secrets here :D I will answr anything you want:*
I would love to here how your day is going :* Many kisses !
P.S I will be online later today so we can chat live :* can't wait to see you :*
Much LOVE to all! Have a great day !
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