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HouseWarming Party by Flirt Babes Date: Mar 6th @ 5:57am EST
Hey guys!

It's a Flirt Babes party in the new Mansion! Do you wanna see how it looks? I know you will feel very comfy at this new place.

The party will be on 7th March at 4 PM EST and you are invited! There is not better way to spend your evening than with the Flirt Babes.

Can't wait to show you around!
Sixth Place on FOTY Date: Jan 4th @ 10:09am EST
Hey guys!

Thank you so much for the sixth place on FOTY! I am so thankful and it feels so good. It's the first time for me in this competition so this was so unexpected. I am so proud of myself for this and of you for helping me out!

Oh...And Happy New Year. Let's make this an amazing one ;)

Christmas Party by Flirt Babes Date: Dec 19th @ 10:30am EST
Hello my dear ones,

I have some Amazing news ;) There will be a Christmas party in Live Cams Mansion and you are invited! It doesn't matter if you've been naughty or nice, I still appreciate your presence.

Come with us on 22nd December at 3 PM EST and enjoy this special holiday. We have everything planned and you will feel the joy of it, I am sure.

Remember to vote for me in the meantime!

Save the date and let's celebrate together. There is nothing better than spending Christmas with people you like.
Halloween Zombieland Party by Flirt Babes Date: Oct 29th @ 1:31pm EDT
Hello everyone!

It's almost Halloween and you know I like to dress up... A lot. That is why this is a perfect opportunity to do something fun for you. And in Live Cams Mansion, we prepared a zombieland party for you to enjoy on 31st October at 4 PM EST!

There will be some spooky fun and dancing, sinister games and much more! Don't miss your zombies!

We will be waiting for you!
FOTY is on! Date: Sep 30th @ 11:52pm EDT
Hey guys!

So excited about this Flirt Of The Year contest. Itâs my first one and I am really willing to give my best in order to position myself as high as I can. Will you help me? I need you and I need your support. You can give me both votes and super votes and each and every one of them counts!

Isnât this fun? I canât wait to see how it goes! Fingers crossed and on your lap top. Vote me!
Topless Soccer World Cup Final with Flirt Babes Date: Jul 14th @ 9:02am EDT
Hey hey,

It's soccer time! I am not very skilled but I can do anything topless ;) So, for the World Cup Final, we're giving you a special game and you better not miss it!

Join me and the other Flirt Babes tomorrow, Sunday, 15 July at 11 AM EST. We'd love to show you what we got and I am supper excited to see who will win and how you will like our party!
Cinco De Mayo individual shows program Date: May 2nd @ 7:52am EDT
I always like to Fiesta and Cinco de Mayo is the perfect opportunity for that!

Mini Simone is with me this time, too and we thought to give you something nice to celebrate. There will be shows just for you, so, bring your shots and let's get it going!

This is when you should definitely come:

Wednesday, 2 May:
1 PM EST- Simone Isabel

Thursday, 3 May:
8 PM EST- Simone Isabel

Friday, 4 May:
2 PM EST- Simone Isabel

Saturday, 5 May:
3 PM EST- Simone Isabel

Let's collect some shots this time!
Saint Patrick's Day Party by Flirt Babes Date: Mar 10th @ 8:36am EST
Hello guys,

You are welcome to join me and the other Flirt Babes for our Saint Patrick's Day Party. It will be a splash of colors on your screen and luck will never be so close to you ;)

So, make yourself comfortable and see us this Tuesday, 13 March at 4 PM EST!

Don't forget that after the party we are going to have individual shows in order to collect those amazing shamrocks and we need your help. Besides, you know mini Simone will want to thank you in her own way!

Be there!
March Shows Date: Mar 2nd @ 8:32am EST
Hello guys,

I am so excited about this month! I have so many shows for you. We're going to have so much fun!

The first event of the month is our Saint Patrick's Day Party by Flirt Babes! It will happen on 13 March at 4 PM EST.

The promo period starts on 14 March and I need to collect as many shamrocks as I can. I really need your help. I promise both me and mini Simone will do everything to satisfy your needs if you satisfy mine ;)

This is my program for the shows:

Wednesday, 14 March at 3 PM EST

Thursday, 15 March at 3 PM EST

Friday, 16 March at 1 PM EST

Saturday, 17 March at 1 PM EST

As for the Easter period, it will open with our Ultimate Easter Party on 28 March at 4 PM EST.

After that, the battle for eggs will start and I really want to have as much as possible. Will you help me?

My shows are programed this way:

Thursday, 29 March at 4 PM EST

Friday, 30 March at 2 PM EST

Saturday, 31 March at 12 PM EST

Sunday, 1 April at 3 PM EST

For every egg you gift me, mini Simone will pop on your screen and make you feel very good about what you just did. So, don't hesitate. Help me collect some eggs and join the fun!
February Scheduled Shows Date: Feb 7th @ 7:50am EST
Hello guys!

February is the month of love and for the days of Valentine's Day promo, I arranged few shows so we can collect some hears. Don't forget that the top three members who give me the most hearts during this 6-day promo will get a special prize ;) Plus, there will be some other prizes you can win in my shows.

So, here we go:

Friday, 9 February - 12 PM-2 PM EST

Saturday, 10 February - 2 PM- 4 PM EST

On Sunday, 11 February - 2 PM-4 PM EST
Monday, 12 February - 3 PM-5 PM EST

Tuesday, 13 February - 2 PM-4 PM EST

Hope you will join me cause I have a feeling we will have so much fun!
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